“We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been in business for 33 years. More importantly, we have been transforming decks, docks, fences, arbors, and anything else that needs staining for 33 years with satisfaction from our dedicated clients. There is a lot that should be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect company for the job.  We strive daily to be that perfect company for you!"                    

    -Matthew Richardson-  Owner

Deck Specialist: Our single professional focus allows us to provide superior craftsmanship, in-depth problem solving to your project. When it comes to the investment of your deck or fence, be safe, hire a specialist and don't gamble with your money.  We’re not a painting company that also does decks, this is all we know and do!
Professional Application: No one protects a deck or fence better than we do! We are always learning better ways to further the life of your deck or fence. We look at recent trends and pull apart fact from fiction.
Insured: We are fully insured, carrying liability and workman's compensation.
Employees: We hire only courteous and industrious team members. Individuals dedicated to your project and respectful to both you and your home!
Workmanship & Price Can't Be Beat!

Why do so many people choose Pro-Tec Deck Care?

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